August 18, 2014

Reporting 3.0 Roundtable

Insights on the Future of Sustainability Reporting form the Brazilian perspective

August 18, 2014, São Paulo, Brazil

Around 20 reporting specialists and company delegates gathered in São Paulo after a workshop of the local GRI Focal Point to interact with the Reporting 3.0 platform. In group discussions, the participants discussed the key questions of the platform and selected the sub-questions which in their view are relevant in the context of Brazil. Most outstanding were the questions of the effective benefit that reporting may provide to stakeholders, the influence that the process should effectively have on a changing business models, and of course, in an emerging country like Brazil a most urgent question, how growth and limited resources can combine. Brazil is a country where still major development goals need to be achieved, and therefore resource use will be intense as long as people want to achieve a better life style and consume more.

The input of the Brazilian Kick-off will be brought to the larger debate and for the next future, more events such as Labs are foreseen on local level. One important suggestion from the participant was, to widen the community as much as possible and engage persons from the academy and of circles that are not directly involved with sustainability. It is important to hear their voices and opinions and the platform can be the ideal space to gather with them.