March 2015

Reporting 3.0 Roundtable

Insights on the Future of Sustainability Reporting form the US perspective

March, USA (exact date & place to be announced soon)

BSD has initiated a worldwide dialog around the Future of Sustainability Reporting in various regions it is represented, building on the initial sold-out conference in Berlin, Germany, in September 2013. A one-year program of transition labs to further deepen insights on the most important issues is in full swing in 2014 in Europe and on 6/7 October the 2nd annual conference in Berlin, Germany, titled ‚Reporting at the crossraods – ensuring purpose, practicability, performance’ took place. 

The conference took an important step in accelerating a roadmap towards new generation of reporting by building on the outcomes of last year’s inaugural conference and the results derived from various Reporting 3.0 Transition Labs held in Berlin and Reporting 3.0 Roundtables held in Beijing, China, and Sāo Paulo, Brazil. The aim of the US Roundtable is to instigate a first round of input around the themes discussed at the 6/7 October conference in Berlin and to align first steps for a couple of transition labs, to be held directly in the region in 2015.