February 2015

Transition Lab 3 – Sustainable Business Models

New ways of value creation and how they instigate change in reporting

February, 2015, 1pm – 6pm

GIZ House, Reichpietschufer 20, 10785 Berlin

The idea of a ‚green & inclusive economy’ instigates a lively discussion about the ways to get there. While governance and incentives play an important role for consumers and investors both ways, it is mainly corporate innovation that needs to achieve new pathways through new and sustainable business models. The third transition lab is therefore starting with the question ‚ what IS a truly sustainable business model’ and then looks at various streams in which components are inherited. Think of the circular economy, regenerative or restorative business models, clean technology, or the sharing economy. We will look into the developments around a ‚sustainable business model canvas’, ways to organize entrepreneurial collaboration around the target of a ‚green & inclusive economy’, but will also return to the consequences of these for corporate reporting. How will profit/loss accounts change, what will all of this mean for the balance sheet and its interpretation, and how will ‚success’ be reported to the stakeholders in sustainability or integrated reports?